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Frequently Asked Questions

Limousine Services

  1. Can I self-drive the limousine?
    Due to insurance reasons we do not allow guests to self drive the limousines.

  2. What payment modes do you accept?
    We accept payment via Bank Transfer / PayNow Transfer / Credit Card.

  3. Can I pay cash to the driver?
    We only accept payment in Cash if it is a last minute request, in which the booking falls within 45 minutes away from the stated pick up time.
    *We do not accept payment in cash for limousines in our Opulence Collection as well as for bookings on our Minibus and Coaches. Payments for the mentioned fleets are to be made prior to the pick up timing.

  4. Is there any surcharges applicable for credit card payment? 
    Yes, there would be 10% Bank charge applicable for payments via credit card.

  5. Can I pay by installments?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept installment payments.

  6. When do I make payment?
    Payment should be made upon confirmation of your booking details by our customer relations representative, he/she would advise you on the steps to make payment. Should you opt to pay by Cash to Driver, payment would be collected at the end of the journey for transfers and start of the booking for disposals.

  7. I need more than one limousine, would you be able to accommodate our booking?
    Yes we are able to accommodate bookings requiring more than 1 limousine.

  8. I made a double booking with another provider, may I request a refund and cancel my booking with Prestige Premium Selection?
    As the double booking was made on 2 different providers, Prestige Premium Selection would not accept the refund request should the client only realise the error upon arrival of the driver. However, should the request be made prior to job commencement, only 50% of the fee would be refunded to the client.

  9. My flight is arriving late, will I be charged the additional waiting time?
    No you will not be charged the additional waiting time, our operations staff will be monitoring your flight, should there be a delay in arrival, we would inform our chauffeur and make adjustments to our schedule, you will only be charged the additional waiting time upon the landing of your aircraft at the airport. 

  10. My flight arrived earlier than expected, do I need to wait for my scheduled timing?
    Like a delayed arrival, our operations staff will be in touch with our chauffeurs to ensure you will be picked up upon reaching the airport without the need to wait for your stated pick up time. However, should you want to maintain the stated pick up time, you may inform our chauffeurs or guest relations upon arrival.

  11. I am running slightly late for my pick up time, do I need to bear the additional waiting time surcharge?
    If you booked an arrival service, there would be a grace time of 45 minutes upon flight landing. For all other bookings there would be a grace period of 15 minutes before the additional waiting time surcharge would be levied.

  12. What is an Extra Stop Surcharge, does it mean I can add an additional stop anywhere before arriving at my destination?
    An extra stop is only applicable should the 2 pick up or drop off locations be near by each other, should they be far apart, it would be considered as a 2 way transfer. The distance range between both stops should be less than 10KM away from each other, in order to qualify as an extra stop.

  13. My chauffeur keeps passing through ERP gantries on purpose, do I need to pay for those too?
    The rate charged is inclusive of the relevant operational charges, which includes all ERP gantries hence unlike standard taxis and ride hailing apps, you do not need to pay extra for them.

  14. How far in advance should I make my booking?
    It is advised you make your booking at least 2 weeks prior to the pick up date for our opulence collection and at least 1 week prior for all other limousines. This allows us plenty of response time to confirm and make arrangements to your booking.

  15. My current provider did not show up / I urgently need a limousine service, would you be able to accommodate my booking?
    Yes we are able to make arrangements for your last minute bookings, however do take note that vehicle availability is not guaranteed, and only the following vehicles are available for such urgent requests:
    - Limocabs and Maxicabs
    - Mercedes-Benz E-Class / Viano
    - Toyota Alphard / Vellfire / Hiace Commuter

  16. Do I have to tip the chauffeur?
    Tipping is not mandatory though it is much appreciated.

  17. I am booking for a wedding, how long in advance do I need to make my reservation?
    The minimum notice period for weddings are at least 2 weeks prior, and maximum notice period at 3 months prior to your event.

  18. Do you provide decorations for the wedding car?
    No we do not provide decorations for all our wedding cars, as different clients have different requirements, clients are advised to provide the decorations for the wedding car. In which the decorations would be removed and returned to the client or disposed upon request.

  19. Can you provide the decorations for me please?
    Prestige Premium Selection would provide decorations upon request based on the clients specifics, however the decorations provided are chargeable and would be returned to the client after the end of the event or disposed at request.

  20. What kind of decorations can I request for?
    You may customise decorations of any kind so long as the decorations do not cause any damage to the limousine.

  21. How much do the decorations you provide cost?
    For artificial flowers and ribbons, the usual rate charged would range from S$120.00 to S$450.00 depending on design. Fresh flower decorations would range above S$500.00.

  22. Can I request the limousine to travel to the bridal studio or florist for decorations the day before the wedding?
    Yes you may do so, however additional surcharges may apply depending on the limousine selected. Kindly contact us for more information with regards to this, also please state the limousine you have selected so we can better advise you.

  23. I booked / am looking to book a wedding package with Prestige Premium Selection, but I only need it for a few trips, can I request the wedding car to fetch other guests to the venue?
    The wedding car is only for the usage of the wedding couple only, should there be a need to ferry other guests, a 1 way transfer would be levied on each trip.​​

Should you have any further questions, do feel free to contact us for more information.

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